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Toyita's Advice Column

Our SECOND featured advice comes from Diana Gil. Diana is a brilliant Colombian woman who is an accountant by day and an English language enthusiast by night. If you need help with getting your finances in order, feel free to contact me so that I can put you in contact with her.

However, for now she has some valuable 'consejo' for you all. Check it out!


"Try to live and interact on a personal level with more American people. That will help you to understand the culture more and adapt faster. But most importantly progress, learn, and live. This country is not easy, but it has many opportunities.

Intenta convivir con gente AMERICANA, eso te ayuda a entender mas su cultura y adaptarte mas rapido. Lo mas importante, progresa, aprende y vive. Este pais no es facil pero es de muchas oportunidades."

-----> Diana Gil

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