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Toyita's Advice Column

Our featured advice for this month comes from Andrea Triana. Andrea is a beautiful, brilliant Colombian woman who has worked in the world of aviation for many years. She is a future American citizen and would like to share some words of wisdom with each of you this month.

I believe her advice is ESSENTIAL to each of you maximizing your experiences and opportunities.

Check it out!


"My advice is that it is necessary to change and renew your mind. Why? Because when you don't renew your mind, you miss great opportunities. In addition, you only get one life to live, so it's very important to experience a full life in this new country because I think this is an excellent country (USA)."

Mi consejo es que es necesario tener un cambio y una renovación de nuestra mente porque cuando no renovamos nuestra mente perdemos las oportunidades, en adición solo tienes una vida en la vida, es muy importante la experiencia completa de nuestra vida en este país porque yo pienso que es un excelente país (EE.UU)."

-----> Andrea Triana

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