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Toyita's Advice Column

Learning a language can be one of the most frustrating, difficult, and exhausting things one could ever do. As a successful language learner myself, my journey to learning a second and third language was and is very complex. It is a very rewarding process in the end, but the process has definitely caused me a lot of grief.

However, I would not have been able to do it successfully without the countless recommendations I received throughout my language learning journey.

As a language instructor I give many recommendations and advice to clients on a daily basis. However, there's nothing like receiving advice from a person who is currently going through the process with you.

Therefore, starting this month, I will begin Toyita's Advice Column. This advice column will feature advice, tips, or recommendations from your fellow peers who are currently learning, progressing, struggling, and going through the process with you.

Our FIRST featured advice comes from Jessica Diazgranados. Jessica is from Colombia and a brilliant mother of two. She has some valuable 'consejo' for you all. Check it out!


"Try practicing English with everyone and in every opportunity you get. Lose the fear and meet new people because you can learn when you make mistakes.

Trata de practicar inglés con todas las personas y en cada oportunidad. Pierde el miedo, conoce personas nuevas porque tu puedes aprender de los errores."

-----> Jessica Diazgranados

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