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Parts of Speech.....What's that?

In this month's FREE Resource, I would like to present to you the parts of speech. During my time of teaching English, one of the many obstacles new learners face is identifying how to insert the new vocabulary they have just learned into sentences and using the correct form of that word. It's one thing to know the meaning of a vocabulary word, but it is as equally important to know how to use the word accurately in your sentence. This is where knowing the part of speech of a sentence comes into play. Thus, let's begin by defining what part of speech is.

Part of speech is the category a word belongs to because of the function of that word in a sentence. Each word in a sentence serves a purpose which is how we are able to communicate our ideas effectively and clearly. According to most grammar "wizards", there are 8 or 9 parts of speech in the English language-- this number depends on who you are talking to. The parts of speech are as follows:

  • Noun

  • Pronoun

  • Verb

  • Adjective

  • Adverb

  • Articles

  • Preposition

  • Conjunction

  • Interjection

When we use the incorrect part of speech in a sentence, it can cause misunderstandings in communication and grammatically incorrect structures. To avoid such problems, I encourage you to become familiar with the parts of speech of the English language in order to maximize your communication.

Below is a comprehensive list of the parts of speech and a detailed explanation of each. Use this resource to help you throughout your daily use of English.

In addition, check out the part of speech practice activity. The more practice you engage in, the better your English skill will become.



Click the link below to access

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