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Hello! Hello!... can you hear me????

As an ESL instructor this is what it feels like often times when we are standing in front of a group of blank stares. Listening comprehension tends to be high on the needs improvement scale, thus making the task of assisting our language learners on their journey of improvement very challenging.

Some of the reasons for this difficulty faced by both language learners and teachers include:

  • false starts

  • unnecessary repetition

  • useless words

  • long sentences with multiple subjects

  • technical words

  • accents

and so much more.

In addition to these challenges, there are also some biological factors that can potentially affect a language learner's ability to comprehend clearly.

Did you know that as we age our listening skills decrease? Yep! You read correctly. The ear's capacity to hear and recognize sounds as an adult can be impacted and this may interfere with your language learning journey in the department of listening. So I present this question to you----how old are your ears?

Check out the 2min video-- How old are your ears-- and see just how good your listening is. Then answer the discussion question below or on Toyita's Language Corner Facebook page.




Discussion Question

How old are your ears? Have you noticed a change in your hearing each year you get older? What do you do daily to improve your listening skills?


1. blank stare (noun expression)--> when your facial expression shows you don't understand

2. faced (v)--> to confront or deal with a challenge

3. false (adj)--> not true; fake

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