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It is what it is!

Do you find yourself often frustrated and defeated when trying to learn English? The number one complaint from many of my learners is how the rules they have learned are not always consistent. The rules don't apply to everything. For example, go home vs. go to school. You may have been taught that when you use the verb 'go' we don't use articles or prepositions. So why is there this disparity? Well my friends the answer that I always give my students is...It is what it is.

The truth of the matter is that when it comes to language learning, especially the English language, the only absolute is that there is none. The system in which language was created and evolved from is as old as dirt. Therefore, many nuances and features are difficult to understand as most things tend to be that came before this modernized era. Think of a math problem. You have learned that 1 +1=2 without ever questioning the validity and logic behind this concept. Why is that? Because It is what is. Basic math is as archaic as the stars in the sky and the sun rising in the east. Language is pretty much the same. Try not to over think it and over question it. It will save you a lot of frustration and time.

So I come to you in good cheer to encourage you to not get as consumed with pesky reasoning that plagues so many of us- also known as the 'why syndrome'- as you dive head first into another year of language learning. Know that language is a complex system of rules and regulations. However, it doesn't always come wrapped in a neatly packaged box that meets our standards. What is important is not that we know why we must always add an 's' for 3rd person singular verbs, but that we know and memorize this rule in order to maximize your ability to communicate. The goal should always be to communicate as effectively as possible.

Thus, I invite you on this day to shake it off, let it be as it is, and to remember to accept the language as is. The next time you feel the urge to apply logic to the next grammar point that confuses or frustrates you, remember that 1 +1=2 and It is what it is!


1. disparity (n)--> not equal; not similar

2. nuances (n)--> small differences

3. pesky (adj)--> something that is annoying

4. plague (v)--> to cause trouble or annoy

5. archaic (adj)--> very old; something ancient

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