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How to produce MORE English

Many learners often find that their biggest obstacle in English is speaking to others. You may relate to this and find that you spend countless hours learning grammar in your class but fall short when you have to actually communicate in every day situations. The key to English language success is PRODUCTION! Practicing what you learned as often as you can. However, sometimes it may not be easy if you are new to a country with no friends or your relatives don't speak the language you want to practice.

So how do you overcome this challenge?

The solution to this problem is to keep a voice diary. Instead of writing your thoughts and ideas down on paper, speak them aloud and record yourself. This technique will allow you to use the language and practice what you know or just learned. Don't worry about feedback or perfection. The idea is to just get yourself talking and practicing. Language learning is not always about perfection and feedback. It's about experimenting with the knowledge you have and new information you learned. So if you find yourself lacking confidence or not in an ideal environment where practicing with native speakers is an option, try this method daily for about 3-5 minutes. It's a great way to practice, track your improvement, and have daily PRODUCTION.

Go on ahead and take out your smartphone and begin practicing!


If you are ready to take the next step and improve your speaking skills with a language coach, contact me for information on how I can help you on this journey. Go to the contact page to leave a message.

Go to the FREE Resource page for dictation, grammar, and pronunciation practice. New resources are posted weekly! (FREE resource page is not available for mobile devices at this time. Be sure to use a computer or a tablet to access this week's listening activity.)

Leave a comment below and share how you practice your English daily.

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