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Push Yourself to Speak MORE

Push yourself to speak more English!

These are the words I say to my students when their answer to me is "ay teacher, I can't,", or when a whisper of Spanish, Portuguese, or Farsi becomes a flood of voices saying things that don't sound much like English. I use these words to motivate my students each and every day to try their best to use the words and grammar they know to speak in English. When they don't understand the grammar, can't remember a vocabulary word, or the listening practice audio seems too fast, they revert back to their COMFORT ZONE; their native language. However, I try to encourage them to RESIST the comfort zone and use the words and grammar they already know to understand and express themselves.

This can also apply to you! No matter where you are in your journey to learn a new language, always remember to take one step outside of your comfort zone in order to take one step closer to your personal language goal. PUSH YOURSELF to do a little bit more than you did the day before, and you will see results.

I leave you with these encouraging words. Push yourself just a little bit further each and every day to get closer to the goal you desire to achieve.

Leave a comment below explaining how you pushed yourself today in your language learning journey and come back each week for a little something extra. I will post practice activities, words of the day, and encouragement.

See you next time!


1) push yourself--> an expression meaning to challenge yourself or do more than you think you can

2) comfort zone--> a noun meaning things or activities that are comfortable and familiar

3) resist--> a verb meaning to avoid or not do something

*see the text for how the words are used in context*

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